The word THEME has an algebra subset biology word > Heme group > iron Heme group fe(ii) ion ... b100d OUTPUT messages in EXTERNAL display format known as a THEME .... or in high school English class .... a THEME paper with a bandwidth of 100 to 500 words.

The word B100D when perceived as a human bio-computer word ...a alpha/numeric WORD > B100D > letter B + number 100 + Data --> thus the modern year 2013 version of hematology and the b100d SYMBOL MAXCHINE processor that LINKs to the eye/optical nerve SYMBOL system of math equations and science formula .... intertwined with atomic English language nouns and vetbs.

100K > 100 K > Number 100 K > .... for serious people that think -> 100K ... input optical information data stream into your eye / optical nerve / brain bio-computer ..... data for the abstract processing unit.

Dot Clear theme --> ICE CUBE.

SYMBOL police > subset of word police > ice ... and picture Picasso Cubism and mathematical-physics space / time CUBES that describe EARTHLY geography surface and activities above and below that surface.

Thus we have Nature's COMPUTER EARTH system 370 and modern CMS = Content Management Systems to manage civilizations, populations, countries and governments. Welcome to the Milky Way Galaxy and the Universe, astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet EARTH) and projects RAVE NEW WORLD, 1984, Future Shock, etc.